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All-natural ingredients for authentic orange flavor, free of added sugars for a mellow flavor that is smooth, simple, and undeniably versatile A smooth vodka with summery orange peel and citrus notes that bring to mind bright sunshine and clear skies in this boldly flavored spirit

One part Absolut Mandrin with three parts ginger beer, served over cubed ice in a highball glass for a fresh citrusy beverage filled with flavor Purified through continuous distillation which distils the vodka an "infinite" number of times, Absolut Mandarin features the smooth, quality flavor that you've come to expect and enjoy with all Absolut vodkas

Made in Sweden with deep well water and winter wheat grown beneath the winter snows, Absolut Mandrin is 40% alcohol by volume and rich in the local flavors of Ahus
Mandarins. Sweet, easy-to-peel little things. And less of a hassle than oranges. No need to cut them in slices. Or peel them for ages. Or eat them with a napkin and then never get rid of the stickiness, no matter how many times you wash your hands.Yes, we have a thing for mandarins and while everyone was making orange flavored vodka, we did what we usually do; something different. Absolut Mandrin was a hard one to make, but is ridiculously simple to mix. Just add Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer for a perfect weekend drink.
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Proof 80
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